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There are even odds that at onetime or another in your daily life, you will be laid off. How will you prepare for this? NOTE: I recently found this short article on my hard drive. I think it is still relevant today. How to proceed to prepare for being if’s, downsized, fired, or let go.

The year was 1981, which to a lot of folks ago seems like an eternity. It might have been before you were given birth to even. But if you ask me, it seems like yesterday. My Father, who had for a long time carefully and patiently climbed the corporate ladder, had just been let go from his job as Vice President of a little automotive parts company. He was 58 years old, and he never proved helpful again from then on really.

He was a little in shock. He previously hoped to work for at least ten years or more before retiring. To top it off, he had one son still in college, and another (me) just starting. My college fund became his retirement fund. It was the best thing that ever happened to me probably, as it was a great learning experience and I worked my way through school. However, very little has changed within the last 27 years.

Layoffs, “RIFs” (Reduction in Force), downsizing, or just basic firing continues on. Often it isn’t fair or logical. And frequently, the subjects of the layoff see it arriving never, when they plainly must have even. I’m uncertain I can offer you advice that will put you back on your foot immediately. However, maybe the following recommendations will help you avoid this nagging problem next time or make sure there is absolutely no next time. A pathetically large percentage of individuals act amazed when these are let go, when in reality, they must have likely to be let go eventually.

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If you have your ear to the bottom and have an understanding of how businesses are run, you have to know when the layoff is arriving – and leave first exactly. Take my father. In the late 1970’s business was bad, to state the least. While people moan and groan about “the great depression” I think the inflationary tough economy of the 1970’s was probably the second-worst economic event of the last century. Jobs were scarce, prices were high, and lots of factories were closing.

My Father’s manufacturing plant was old and outdated. Much of the machinery dated from World War II. A solid Union was stifling creation and traveling income higher ever. They simply could not compete with their larger U.S. Today, the factory is shut and has been bulldozed into the floor. It doesn’t have a genius to have observed that coming. Compounding this is the inner politics of the place. The business was a little, family-owned business. My Father got along well with older people’s owner, who was simply President of the business. However, the son, who was simply a competing V.P.

For reasons that elude me (and even my dad) today, my father do the mathematics on this and start to see the unavoidable final result never. Once the owner of the business died, control would pass to the son. The child could have little use for my Father at that point. And that is precisely what happened.