Maureen Gemma Parker is a 20-year-old having a hard time artist that appreciates spreading out phony information on Facebook, seeing YouTube videos and also ferret racing. She is innovative and inspiring, but can also be extremely unkind and a bit hoggish.

She is a German Hindu. She started examining chemistry at university however never ever completed the course.

Literally, Maureen remains in great shape. She is average-height with walnut skin, grey hair as well as brown eyes.

She expanded up in a functioning course area. Her moms and dads divided when she was small but remained friends as well as offering a satisfied, secure house.

She is currently in a partnership with Kay Oliver Oliver. Kay is the very same age as her as well as functions as a sales aide.

Maureen’s friend is a struggling musician called Nora Walters. They are indivisible. She likewise accompanies a battling artist called Tim Barton. They delight in dining in restaurants together.