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Is It Safe To Drink Weight Loss Shakes While Pregnant? 1

We know: working off pregnancy weight sucks! And avoiding extreme putting on weight while you’re pregnant is really as hard just. Q: Are IdealShape products safe when you’re pregnant or nursing? A: To begin with, we always recommend our customers who are pregnant or nursing to ask their physician before using our products.

For example, it may be fine that you can use IdealShake, but your doctor might suggest against supplements. So get the green light from your healthcare provider first definitely. That said, a great deal of our customers are new moms who’ve successfully used our shake while pregnant or nursing. “When my son was created last July I had been at my all time heaviest… 309 pounds.

Today I am 228 and I have lost 81 pounds. I have at least one tremble per day, at night occasionally two if I’m craving something sweet. Gaining weight is part of pregnancy. Being having and pregnant infants is marvelous and great and everything that other nutrients, but pregnancy weight gain is an undesirable yet necessary side-effect. If you need a healthy baby, you need to get weight. Period. Fortunately that you don’t need to get excessive weight.

Our meal replacing shakes are a terrific way to help keep nutrition and cravings in balance so that your weight gain falls in the healthy (not extreme) range. And if you’re really lucky, our shakes will help you combat urges for pickles and ice cream. You shouldn’t diet during pregnancy.

Thankfully, our meal substitution shakes aren’t a “diet.” Instead, they are part of a whole dietary plan which can definitely help you have a happier and healthier pregnancy. Make sure to meet your (as well as your baby’s) nutritional needs. When you’re pregnant, your dietary needs change. It’s essential that you give yourself and your baby added calories, protein, calcium, folic acidity (folate) and iron.

Every taste of IdealShake consists of 11 grams of protein and at least 50 percent of your daily suggested value of calcium mineral, folic acid and iron. For pregnant and post-pregnancy women, eating healthy is crucial. IdealShake is an enormous help when it comes to portion and craving control. If you wish to add calorie consumption to your shake (which may be especially important if you’re nursing), you can always get one of these new formula and make your shake even healthier to fit your dietary needs. IdealShape Challenge cruise winner Jenna Leach used IdealShake during her third pregnancy in support of gained 25 pounds!

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One month after having a baby to her baby young man in-may 2014, she already lost that 25 pounds without exercise having an IdealShake for breakfast, a morning treat an IdealBar as, and another IdealShake as a second snack. Using weight loss shakes while pregnant will probably require adding additional nutrition, either to your shake or to your diet in general.

Remember to check on with your physician before using our products if you’re pregnant or breastfeeding to ensure that you’re getting the nourishment you and your baby need! Oh, and we love your success and questions stories, so keep ’em coming! Ask about our products or around weight loss generally, either in the comments below or on our Facebook page via wall structure post or private message.