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COULD IT BE Safe To Use Hairspray ON YOUR OWN Face TO CREATE Your Makeup? 1

Is it safe to use hairspray on your face to set your makeup? I only use a natural hairspray so it would be 100% natural, could it be ok to use on my face to create my makeup? I sprayed it on a makeup sponge and applied it following that? Could it be safe to use hairspray on your face to set your makeup?

Not only will this clog your skin pores, but it can hurt your eye really! They make sprays specifically for setting your makeup. MAC Fix Plus is a good one. I wouldn’t do that. Powder should set your makeup. Use a large brush to apply. No, I would try that never.

I don’t believe so. It’ll probably clog your pours. Cause you to all gross and sticky looking. Give you wrinkles whenever you’re older. They make special spray just for makeup. No don’t do this, it has been done before I was helping my pal as of this drag show plus they do this but honestly it doesn’t work well and it ruins your skin. Sally Mae makes instead, that will provide you with an air-brush look in the event that’s what your looking for.

I’m speculating it’s probably harmful to your skin. I’d try that before hairspray. No, it’ll clog your skin pores on that person. Ummm yeah I’d try that never. It would be thought by me would clog your pores and dry your skin layer significantly, and you will welcome the wrinkles when you grow older.

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