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This is my disclaimer. This website is meant for educational purposes only, rather than to provide investment advice. Before making any investment decision, you should always do your own research or consult an investment professional. Especially relevant is “Before making any investment decision, you should do your own research” always.

Read what others say. Can it make sense to you? You must never, ever, choose stock because another person thinks it is a good idea. You must never, ever, spend money on anything that you don’t understand. This is one way people enter trouble. Our current financial problems indicate this.

You will find many places on the internet where there are to buy, sell, or hold phone calls given on shares. The problem I find with this is they say why they may be making the calls they should never be. Sometime, they include estimates for earnings and revenue. This helps a bit. I do my trading with TD Waterhouse, and because of this of having an account with them, I can view their stock reports. I understand that a lot of banking institutions in Canada have such things designed for their customers with trading accounts.

Now, if it can be kept by me . AEvans- I really do feel a bit funny providing people directions to consider the only pink house. But, John Cougar wrote about pink homes, didn’t he? Thank you very much for visiting me and leaving your kind compliments. James, it is so cool to live in the oldest house around!

And just what a beautiful, unique home! Older homes are just so interesting, aren’t they? Just the type of place I’d expect someone as if you to reside in. It is magnificently beautiful! I love the annals of homes, older ones certainly have a tale to tell. It was designed exquisitely, high ceilings and pillars.

What a charming place-many thanks for writing your home with us. Lita Sorensen- This Hug’s for you! I am pleased to take a peek at Sufi’s home. That will be a pleasure, I am sure. He is such a discovered and fine gentleman. My house is certainly pink. Thank you for swinging by and leaving word.

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  5. Ken Griffin (Net worthy of: $8.6 billion)
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And beautiful interior, too (we are still renovating, definitely, inside). I needed quite a while client who’s a marble importer and we bartered for the floor. That’s how it was taken care of installation! Incredible floor it is. 1882 is not that old, where I result from, in Michigan. But in Orlando, where people didn’t want to live for a long time because of the oppressive temperature, bugs, and gators, it is historic. Thanks for your fine feedback.

Always a pleasure to hear from you. 13 is a good number according Jewish numerology. Reflections of home windows in the ground are impressive! Who polished the flooring so nicely? I really like old homes and easily see one, I have a picture. There is one house in a town where I live, a vintage Victorian house, more that 100 yo. Pink with light blue framing outdoors.

When I win a lottery I’ll buy this house and make toys museum with play rooms in it. Many thanks a lot for starting your doors for all of us! The very best of both worlds. I appreciate your keen insight. My architects are talented and wonderful people fabulously. They designed my aviation terminal and it is even more beautiful also! Many thanks for the visitation! Victorian house and the new adjacent modern living space right nearby. You had good architects.

The exteriors circulation and mix well together. It was fun getting this peek into your home. Moonchild60- those Maria is adored by me Theresa chandeliers. You are right, flowers would put in a lot to the landscape. A complete lot of the plants bloom in Summer season, like the three-Crepe Myrtles between your sidewalk and the side street. I will anticipate your Hub on gardening.