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Aloe vera is a vegetable that is well known for its healing abilities. Today, it can be found as an component in many skin care products, both for the face as well as your body. Personally, I have had many success stories where aloe came to my skin’s rescue, and I have many friends and clients who have uncovered the miraculous healing capabilities of this desert plant.

However, much like the majority of things in life, not everything works for everybody, and such is the entire case with aloe. Along with all the success stories about how saved people’s skin aloe, I have heard from some individuals who had reactions to it as well. If you’re unsure if you are allergic, read through this informative article as well as Allergic Reactions to Products (link below) to gather more info. As great as aloe vera is, it is at the realm of possibility that you could react to it.

I am including stories of how aloe didn’t work to let you know it is not uncommon to have an intolerance to this ingredient. Unfortunate as that may be, if you are found by you get annoyed after using aloe vera, stop utilizing it. I was told with a pharmacist that aloe worked well to clear up acne since it was natural and oil-free. So I would regularly put aloe on, thinking it would calm my face.

I would usually break out soon later on. I never linked the breakout to the aloe because I was only utilizing it on / off. I have browse the substances in my own body lotions and many have aloe in them. It seems to be fine on my body, but as far as my face goes I will not use something that has any aloe-I can’t afford to aggravate my face.

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Regarding this email, although aloe vera is a superb product and I’m sure its benefits would be good for almost any condition of the skin, it wouldn’t be the very first thing I’d grab to take care of problem pores and skin, including acne. Regardless, this person found out it was the aloe vera in her products that she was intolerant to so she discontinued use.

It isn’t always easy to figure out what could be causing a skin response, reading this article talked about and shown will hopefully help you if you run into product trouble below. The following originates from a former neighbor, Teressa, day after putting aloe gel on her behalf face who called me up one. She had a negative burning reaction that left her skin bright red.