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How To Run Video Ads On Facebook Mobile App 1

Facebook App Ads – App Ads | How To Run Video Ads On Facebook Mobile App: This post is all about how exactly to run compensated video ads for your Facebook mobile app. Do you know you can set up video ads on your mobile application that will help take your business to another level?

In this article, you’ll see a comprehensive guide on how to set up video ads on Facebook mobile application detail by detail. Video advertisements for your mobile app: Interestingly given below is a guide that will highlight how to use the rewarded video advertisement placement for app ad campaigns which have video creative.

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2. On the Ad Set level, be certain to include Audience Network and Rewarded Video as placements. You may make sure you’ve opted into a rewarded video by pressing to choose the drop-down menu below Audience Network. If you visit a blue checkmark next to the Rewarded Video option in the drop-down menu, you’re all set.

If you decide on Automatic Placements, this will happen when you run an app installs campaign with video creative automatically. 3. Make sure you have create your application with the Facebook SDK, so you can accurately track and measure the performance of your ads. You can create a split test to understand how Audience Network impacts your campaign performance.

1. Make sure you have the Facebook SDK create for your app. You will need the SDK to execute a test. 2. Create a Facebook split test with your placement type (rewarded video) as your variable. 3. View test results for your campaigns in the advertisements reporting tool in Ads Manager.

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