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A navigation menu can be an important element of a website. An excellent navigation menu helps your visitors navigate through your website effectively – in as few mouse-clicks as you possibly can. You can think of a website navigation menu like the “Table of Contents” of the book. And the greater the number of webpages on your website, the greater important the role of a website navigation menu.

Another important advantage of a navigation menu could it be optimizes the internal linking structure of your website and allows the navigation menu links to rank better browsing engines, since all webpages will be pointing to it. For instance, if your website has 1000 web pages, each navigation menu link shall have 1000 web pages directing to it.

HTML record to execute a particular command e.g. inserting the content of the HTML document. The SSI directives are “processed” at the Server aspect, before it reaches the requesting internet browser (hence the name Server Side Includes). As a total result, the “processed” SSI directives combine seamlessly with the HTML file. Notice the remaining navigation menu is made up of static HTML links.

This is to allow search-engine spiders to crawl through the website to discover other web pages (via the navigation menu links). Another solution to get your webpages spidered by search-engines is to use a sitemap. A sitemap is merely a webpage that contains links to every web page on your website and really should be linked out of your home page. This will provide the search-engine spiders a way to follow and will ultimately lead to your web pages getting fully indexed.

Please consult with your web host to find out whether SSI is allowed in your server. How exactly to Easily Create a Navigation Menu Using SSI? Build a HTML navigation menu file This is actually the navigation menu file that will be inserted into the HTML pages and is also your HTML navigation menu template.

Insert navigation menu document into HTML document Open up the HTML document (e.g. products.html) and place the cursor on the positioning where you intend to place the navigation menu. CodeSnippet And duplicate and paste the above mentioned SSI directive at the cursor. Upload documents on your server The final step is to publish the newly created .shtml files onto your web check and server to ensure the pages display properly. And if you view the HTML source code of your HTML file on the live internet connection, you’ll observe that the SSI directive could have been replaced by the actual HTML navigation menu code.

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Maintaining your navigation menu is currently a simple matter of changing the items on the navigation file. That’s all there is to it! Give it a try! Fabian Lim is a Management/Internet Marketing Consultant. He helps organizations and people succeed online. He publishes ‘BizSuccess Tips’, a No Hype, No B.S.

Yelp comes with an augmented reality SMARTPHONE application that makes using it away from home a blast. Strengths: User-generated reviews are a good way for customers and leads to find out about your business. Weaknesses: Some people try to game the machine with faux reviews, but Yelp does a fairly good job of keeping those faux reviews away. Bing: Bing, Google, and Yahoo aren’t technically social media platforms, but they are tools that can be used to market your goods and services, so we’re including all three in this overview.

The way of using any search engine to market your product or service is the same so you’ll want to boost your website so that the search engines see it. In so doing, you’ll drive traffic to your website from the individuals doing queries on specific topics. Strengths: Bing uses “intelligent search” to make searches even more relevant for an individual.

Weaknesses: It’s fighting against Google, which is a tough battle. Blogging Platforms: These are tools that are accustomed to create blogs. A few of them, like Blogger, Tumblr, Vox or Xanga are straightforward platforms that are great for people who wish to execute a simple blog about their holiday, their company or their family reunion.