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The Transits of the Planets and the Transits of the Sun in Astrology 1

Astrology has been around since ancient times. It was developed alongside other sciences during the Hellenistic period. However, after the fall in 5th century of the Roman empire, the texts were lost and scattered throughout the millennium. They eventually fell out favor with both secular and Christian society. It seemed that ancient astrology was being relegated in the past to Greek attics. That was until recent discoveries that allowed ancient astrology once more to be revived. If you have almost any questions regarding where by and how you can employ astrology signs, you can email us from our internet site.


A natal Horoscope is a chart that shows how the angles of each planet in the Solar System are at the time of your birth. Synastry refers the use these maps to determine the characteristics and traits of a person based upon the placement of these planets at the time they were born. The most common types of horoscopes are the natal horoscopes and synastry horoscopes.


Astrologers can find information on Transits in almost all books. To make sound predictions, an astrologer should be familiar with other Transits that may accompany a particular transit. Additionally, they should be aware of the important Transits that transits accompany in their chart for the period of time the searched transit occurs. In astrology, transits are a necessity, and they must be analyzed and calculated in tables.

Transits of the planets

There are many aspects to the Transits of the Planets in Astrology. The transit results are determined by the sign or nakshatra of a planet. Transits of the planets show specific results depending on the position and homesite state of the natal planet. Some Transits are more effective than others, like eclipses. These are particularly useful when they are in conjunction with or opposite the natal planet. It is hard to predict the effect of an eclipse, as it is not easy to predict. Also, effects can vary depending upon the conditions of the natal and house placements, as well as aspects to other planets. The Mundane Astrology books will describe the Transits of the Planets and what happens during them.

Transits of the sun

Astrology’s Transits of the Sun have significant effects on our daily lives. If the Sun is friendly to Mars or Jupiter, it will be more likely that we engage in energy-intensive activities. A transiting Sun can also improve relationships with friends and homesite family. It will drive us to do a lot of work at work when it is square to Saturn. However, this can make it difficult to have fun.

Transits of moon

The Transits of the Planets and the Transits of the Sun in Astrology 2

Your health and relationships can be affected by the Moon’s aspect to other planets in your astrological chart. If the Moon is in conjunction with Mars, it can increase your self-confidence. It may be more exciting to lead a project, or ask for help from colleagues and friends. Your romantic relationships will be happy and joyous if the Moon is in conjunction with Jupiter. But, this is not a good time to make friends.

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