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Makeup Revolution 144 Ultimate Matte Eyeshadow Palette 1

If you’ve read before, you might have caught my post on the shimmer version of this palette. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I absolutely love the products that Makeup Revolution have available. For the price the products retail at. Within the Christmas period Makeup Rev experienced a lot available, this 144 ultimate matte eyeshadow collection being one of them. I won’t lie, I ordered from tam beauty and it was an utter nightmare and as you may have noticed the product showed up with a cracked case, disappointing slightly. But once I was over that, I had a little play about and loved most these shadows.

As I swatched the initial palette I had formed, it was only right that I did another 144 swatches to show off the colours in that one. Since having both palettes I haven’t reached for anything else for my eyes! The first 3 rows aren’t very pigmented at all, mainly base colors that I’ve been using. Skip to row 4 and everything the colours start to come out. Literally every color you could ever need for your eye, it is experienced by this palette. Yes there are some garish colours within, but utilize them as just a little undertone in a smokey eye choose a pop and you’re onto successful.

Personally I am eyeing up Kyshadows for a while, but since taking a look at the colours more carefully, I’ve realised the shimmer version which matte palette already have some very good dupes in there. So devoid of needing to spend a stupid amount on shipping I can still achieve the burgundy palette look.

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These past couple of weeks I’ve been reaching again and again for the browns and burnt orange colours packed in here, perfect winter eyesight color. Rows 4 & 6 are my go to. ONCE I haven’t used any shadow on my lids I’ve been popping just a little green or crimson under my eyes. Basically I can’t stop utilizing it, and all those colors for £10 can be an absolute grab. I’m already wishing there’s going to be a 2018 version this yuletide!

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