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Q: Does Nepal have the right establishments to produce the right kind of environment for the introduction of hydropower? Thakur: You must build some organizations. Today, I am happy with the government and the politicians I’ve met, including the excellent minister of Nepal. They have at least realized the need for developing hydropower. Perfect Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal is very businesslike and forthright. He has given a lot of confidence to the individuals in India really, saying that this is the right time to purchase Nepal.

I fulfilled the Minister for Water Resources Bishnu Poudel and his secretary; I feel they are excited to meet up with the focus on set by the national authorities. I have also known as on Deputy Prime Minister Bamdev Gautam and Finance Minister Dr. Baburam Bhattarai. Today, I see huge politics will to just do it with the program to generate 10,000 MW.

Q: Obviously you have fulfilled many Nepali officials. What is your evaluation? Thakur: You should have the right type of institutions here to help expand your hydropower tasks. You must make a true quantity of institutional reforms and create the right kind of insurance policies. Actually, 15 years back we were in a similar situation. We asked investment, but private investors were unwilling to put profit India. Therefore the government decided to create a charged power market and set up the PTC at the nationwide level. As a result, the PTC buys and supplies energy to power-deficit states as per their demand.

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So, the whole thing is that people should feel confident and secure that if you invest in Nepal, the project shall go ahead with no hassles and that investors will get their due return. If that sort of confidence is generated, investors will come forward. Otherwise, why would investors come to Nepal and invest when there is no need the right kind of environment and policies. Why don’t we be frank, no trader will come here for charity. They will come here to earn money.

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