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Happy 3rd Birthday to my Blog! For the individuals who I blog know me, ask me do you run out of ideas ever? My answer is a quick no always. Seriously I don’t go out of ideas. I have no idea what it is, but I’m always discovering ideas and topics to discuss on my blog!

I’ve always been so thankful about having things I love to share and discuss with you all! First I wish to say thanks to my mom. She’s always supported my dreams and aspirations in life. Anytime that I felt discouraged or frustrated she actually is always my voice of reason to help me see things clearly. I love you mama!

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BEAUTY AS WELL AS THE BEAST: Is Your Idea Commercial? Week This, we’re going to be looking at Beauty and the Beast. It could be argued that a practically shot-for-shot live-action remake of an animated film that premiered in 1991 can be an unusual choice for a screenwriting podcast. Why not talk about the original just, brilliant script by Linda Woolverton that made this movie well worth watching to begin with 26 years ago? Weekend But with an archive breaking 170 million money starting, make no mistake, Beauty, and the Beast are going to shape the future of big-budget Hollywood movies. And that means it has a lot to teach us. On the main one hand, there’s some cause for concern.

But recently, we’re beginning to see a shift with original films like Get Out, La La Land, Manchester By The Sea, Moonlight, and Arrival not only earning awards, but hugely exceeding box office expectations also. Which is why Beauty and the Beast’s success scared the crap out of so many big-budget writers and producers, especially on the cusp of what seemed like a potential tipping point in the Hollywood model.

Back once I was coming up in the industry, offering a musical was darn near impossible. I developed one with Robbie Fox, author of So I Married An Axe Murderer, but even the powerful creation company I was doing work for couldn’t get any investment. I wrote another with Alain Boublil and Claude-Michel Schonberg, authors of Broadway’s Les Miserables and Miss Saigon, which at one point experienced some even more famous directing and producing attachments.

It seemed inches from production before everything fell apart. I had written one with four-time Academy Award Winner Michel Legrand even. These projects didn’t fall apart because they weren’t great stories, or because they didn’t have great writers in it. Everybody adored these projects. You observe where I’m choosing this.

It begins with 170 million dollars over one weekend. Does that mean you should run out and write a film musical right now? Film musicals like La La Land and Beauty and the Beast be successful because of the love these writers have for the material. Not because they’re out there chasing after another Hollywood tendency. What it can mean is that if anyone ever tells you what’s commercial or not commercial, or if anyone ever lets you know that your idea is commercial or not commercial, there’s a very important factor you know for certain. See your face is lying to you.