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DryBar's Buttercup HAIR DRYER 1

About 8 weeks ago, I laid my much loved CHI HAIR DRYER to rest. I needed purchased it at ULTA years ago, and out of the blue one day, it just completely ended blowing heat. In fairness, it had been accomplishing this intermittently for a while, but then the heat would only stop functioning for a couple of seconds, so it was easy to put up with.

This time, no matter how much I jiggered the wire, all I acquired was an icy blast. 195 price point made my jaw drop. Could it be just me or do professional blow dryers just get more and more expensive? I needed spent a few minutes walking around the store to see what else they offered, but to be frank, there really wasn’t much of a selection and the rest I did see was even more costly than the Buttercup. Thankfully, I know that Sephora has a great return policy, so I understood I could try the dryer over a month or more and bring it back for a full refund if it didn’t work for me personally.

So what does DryBar state this dryer can do? First, they declare that it includes Bio Ionic technology, that they say leaves locks smooth, hydrated and shiny. And how will it perform? Let’s start with the professionals: this baby definitely dries your hair fast! Now we have the disadvantages: Honestly, I don’t notice a whole heck of an improvement regardless of all the Bio Ionic, nano bead, marketing babble. My locks is normally wavy, and while the individual strands are fine, I’ve many of them.

I flat iron my hair. I can certainly say that my locks didn’t feel any more “hydrated” after blow drying. This is the claim I find the most difficult to believe probably, because I believe everybody knows that warmth styling dries out your hair, rather than adding moisture back. That said, there are some great additional features that DryBar doesn’t actively promote on the packaging, but that would sell me on the dryer more than all the ionic b.s. Firstly, it’s lightweight, and these days, that is clearly a hard thing to find!

I have no problem holding the dryer over my mind for lengthy intervals. Secondly, it has a “cold blast” button you don’t have to hold down! Just press it in, and it will continue steadily to deliver you cool air until you’re ready. Press it again, and you’re back again to hot in a moment’s notice.

Finally, the dryer has several different settings and that means you can personalize to your requirements – in addition to two power/velocity settings (very standard), it also offers a low, medium and high heat setting. I personally only use the high temperature setting because the others really don’t feel that hot, but it’s nice to have options. Have we talked yet about the fact that this dryer is yellow?

I kind of love the fun, unforeseen pop of color, and I’ll acknowledge that it creates me happy each time I draw it out of the cupboard. The dryer also includes two nozzles, a broad one and a thin one, based on the style you are trying to accomplish. The slim one, in particular, is called out as being ideal for styling bangs.

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Finally, they have a 9-foot cord, that you could consider to be a good thing or a negative thing, based about how far you need it to stretch/how much it gets in the real way in a small space. Hard to say as of this true point. I think the price is necessary as time passes really. I’ve purchased cheap blow dryers before and also have discovered that they either don’t provide enough power, actually do make my hair more frizzy or poop out in a matter of months just. So as long as I could get a couple of years out of this baby, I’ll contemplate it a purchase well-crafted. Perhaps you have used the DryBar Buttercup? Do you have another favorite hair dryer? Let me know in the feedback section below!

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