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The King of Pop will be buried on what could have been his 51stbirthday, wednesday a spokesman for Michael Jackson ‘s family said. Jackson shall be buried at an exclusive ceremony at Forest Lawn-Glendale on Aug. 29, spokesman Ken Sunshine said in a statement.Guests shall be limited to family and good friends, Sunshine said.

The Jackson family once more wishes expressing its gratitude toMichael’s fans round the world for their support during thesedifficult times,’ the statement said. Information regarding the wedding ceremony and the whereabouts of Jackson’s bodyhave been firmly guarded. The announcement arrived a day after the NewYork Daily News reported feedback by Jackson’s dad, Joe Jackson ,that his boy would be buried on what could have been his birthday.

Sunshine said Jackson will be buried on the Holly Terrace at thecemetery’s Great Mausoleum. SC first female Jenny Sanford says she seems sorry forher husband’s Argentine fan and thinks the philanderinggovernor’s affair is almost like an dependence on alcohol orpornography. The 47-year-old first woman told Vogue journal she concentrateson forgiveness because she doesn’t want to be irritated or bitter.She said reconciling will be hard, following Gov. Mark Sanford ‘sadmission of the affair .

The governor disappeared for nearly a week in past due June to seehis lover, Maria Belen Chapur . He remaining his staff, his wife and therest of the constant state at night about his whereabouts. Initially, hisoffice told reporters Sanford was hiking on the Appalachian Trail. Now I think it’s up to my husband to do the soul-searching tosee if he desires to stay wedded ,’ Jenny Sanford said in thismonth’s problem of Vogue.

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The July 9 interview at the Sanfords’ Sullivans Island home wasbefore the few got a weeklong vacation to focus on theirmarriage, and prior to the family’s two-week vacation to Europe. OnAug. 7, two times after their return from Europe, Jenny Sanford movedout of the governor’s residence using their four sons. 225,000 bequest from the gunman who committed suicide after killingthree women and wounding nine others at a Pittsburgh-area healthclub.

Court documents of the intended estate present were filed Friday by thebrother and executor for 48-year-old George Sodini . Universityspokesman Robert Hill declined the offer on Tuesday. Two women injured in the Aug. 4 shooting an L.A. Fitness clubintend to sue Sodini’s estate. Lisa Marie Fleeher and AshleyFerragonio submitted notices Tuesday in Allegheny County court. Apollo 11 astronaut Buzz Aldrin is going to the Emmys.Wednesday that Aldrin The TV academy said, area of the 1969 moonmission, will accept the Philo T. On Saturday Farnsworth Honor with respect to NASAat the Emmy engineering honours.

The honor, called for TVinventor Farnsworth, identifies an agency, company or institutionwhose contributions affected the continuing state of TV technology andengineering. NASA is getting the award for innovations thatallowed the Apollo crew’s live TV broadcast from the moon. The mainEmmy Awards ceremony airs Sept. The attorney for a 53-year-old Georgia man charged with wanting to stalk Miley Cyrussays his client is ‘a human being’ who may need help. AttorneyJames Byrne informed The Associated Press on Tuesday that Mark McLeodhas been working with the deaths of his mother and sibling in thepast calendar year and a half, as well as losing his job as an assistantplumber. Tuesday in Tybee Island McLeod made an appearance briefly, Ga.,before a judge, week who postponed an initial hearing on the caseuntil next. Police say McLeod came to Tybee Island tryingto find Cyrus twice, and told a officer he was secretly engaged tomarry her.

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