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EBay Picks 5.5% Stake In India’s Paytm Mall 1

EBay said today it is buying a 5.5% stake in e-commerce marketplace Paytm Mall as the global firm makes another push to get in India’s fast-growing e-commerce market. 2 billion last year. 650 million prior to today’s announcement, the foundation said. The contract will see more than a million products of eBay are producing available to users on Paytm Mall, Vijay Shekhar Sharma, founder and CEO of Paytm, said in a declaration. “We will jointly choose the inventory you want to bring here. It shall be done in a month’s time,” he added. EBay shall continue steadily to operate its e-commerce site in India, the company said.

The deal could strengthen Paytm Mall’s position in India, where it competes with Walmart -owned Amazon and Flipkart India. 72 billion in 3 years, according to research firm eMarketer. Like Flipkart and Amazon, Paytm Mall operates on an inventory-led model in India, but in recent months they have shifted its concentrate to offline-to-online and online-to-offline models, wherein purchases positioned by customers are serviced from local brand stores. Another source told TechCrunch that Paytm Shopping mall intends to develop its non-inventory-based models aggressively. Paytm Mall claims to have more than 100,000-seller partners on its platform. This is eBay’s third investment in India. The company made its first investment in the country in Snapdeal in 2013, and then Flipkart. 1.1 billion and relaunched its e-commerce site with cross-border trade as its new concentrate.

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