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There are lots of means of marketing online but even when using “free” services like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn you are hanging out and resources still. With the various ways of marketing, diverse audiences and ways to advertise to them, an internet campaign in ways needs more planning and better oversight than more traditional marketing campaigns. From experience, I’ve broken a Marketing Campaign into 6 parts with an additional section on the tools to use.

The more you realize about your customer/potential customer the more you can use vocabulary they appreciate, a market where they spend their time offline and online and design a product that they’ll want. Digital Marketing gives you to use the same basic message in various online “channels” and with somewhat different messaging so it fits the context. There are several ways to analyze customers or prospective customers. A straightforward method is by using the Forms option in Google Docs to do an online survey and ask your customers for a little information on their motivations, who they are, what websites they take a look at. With permission-use sound or video to record your customers describing your products and services or your competitors.

Notice the language they use, the metaphors and how they use your product which could be quite different to how you use it. Look at sales and tech support emails, blog/website mobile phone and inquiries to see what questions are being asked by people. These are questions that you should be able to answer yourself to be able to then understand your relationship with customers/potential customers. What tale about your business can be spread by others?

What will be the touch points between you as well as your customers? What is the emotional praise if a customer uses your product? How many other products or services do your visitors use that are complimentary to yours? What websites do your customers/potential spend time on? What words/phrases do they use on these websites to spell it out their needs that you can satisfy?

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Where will your website rank for those words/phrases? Who are the most important people online that impact your customers/potential customers? What do you need to do to get pointed out by these social people? Who links to you and your competition? What traditional press outlet stores can help with online coverage/reputation for you?

What do they need from one to spread your story? Google Adplanner shall tell you where people go surfing, traffic to websites these public people go to and other websites that your potential audience go to. Google Alerts allows you to run searches and get results by email when you back, your industry and your competition are mentioned online. What are your goals for your digital campaign?