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Battleground #14 : Beatdown In Blackpool (Show) 1

Jeremy Tucker.. Up next we have a great tag team match between two of the very best teams in the business today. Tag team wrestling nowadays it seems that tag-team wrestling is obviously not what it used to be. It has become such a lost artwork, but both of these groups ideally can help SWAT and wrestling make contact with respecting label team wrestling again maybe.

Andrew Fulton.I must trust about everything you said just. That’s the reason SWAT does our annual Anzac tag-team tournament to educate the wrestling fans on how great tag team wrestling is. That I will remind you, Chianti WON. Jeremy Tucker.Are we having an instant here?

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Frank Salazar.Introducing first from Perth, Australia, and weighing in at 225 pounds here’s Shane Sky. Candice Morelli and Roxylishus! Timeless: I got passion in my own pants and I is not afraid of showing it! Joey: (grabbing the mic) I’m Sexy and I understand it! Andrew Fulton.Timeless had a classic match last week with the champ and arrived close several times of earning it. Jeremy Tucker.Of the year-applicant A match. Andrew Fulton.Take a look at Joey, he could be looking in the profession best condition! Jeremy Tucker.We’re able to very well be looking at another World Champion. Andrew Fulton.The employer made that match public early in the show. Jeremy Tucker.Favoritism if you ask me.

Andrew Fulton.It does not hurt when you have friends in high places. Jeremy Tucker.It appears that Shane and Timeless are going to start off for their teams. Andrew Fulton.Two men lock up in the center of the ring, as Timeless quickly hits an armdrag on Shane. Shane reaches his feet as he races in and gets caught with a dropkick from Timeless that catching him right in the jaw.

Best drop activate the business right there! Timeless jumps to his it as he could be looking down and enjoying his work. Shane reaches his feet, rubbing his jaw. The two lock once again up, this right time Timeless catches Shane with a forearm blow aside of his head, and another one. Timeless catches him with an instant short-arm clothesline as he explains to the far corner and jumps up on the ropes concerning say he is bored with this.

Jeremy Tucker.Shane reaches his feet, as Timeless jumps from the top ropes down. Timeless in but gets caught by a scoop slam from Shane. As Timeless gets back again to his it as Shane catches him with an armdrag of his own. They both jumped back to their foot as Shane catches Timeless with a dropkick that catches him right on Timeless’ jaw.