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In Saudi Arabia, approximately 1. 5 million Filipino employees reside there working in service-industry related jobs all across the country. PAL’s entry into the market will negatively affect the market share of SV, CX, GF, EK, QR, EY, and KU who target the high volume of passengers flying from Saudi Arabia to Manila via their respective hubs.

Charity from the bottom of my center, maybe. I observed this with others as well, bills to help the indigent sector are incentivized with tax deductions. SBN-224: Local Road Repair, Rehabilitation, and Improvement Act of 2018. Aims to increase financing for upgrading and preserving provincial roads under the LGUs from the National Government. The problem is, no mention of any requirements as to how much increased allocation a LGU will receive.

Seems like it’s very arbitrary and can most likely susceptible to “palakasan”. SBN-223: To Clearly Define the National Taxes Revenue Base. Increases IRA (renamed to NATA) talk about of LGUs from 40% to eventually 60% after the 7th season of the law’s execution. Adds taxes, the national Federal government is collecting but are not previously contained in the computation of IRA.

IRA will be automatically released to the LGUs with no necessity to be submitted to the DBM monthly no law or professional/administrative decrees can deduct, holdback, or postpone its release. Also allocates that in the 50% of the collected transfer taxes, tax credits, and VAT obligations, certain percentages shall go to the city, province, and region where these were collected. Also submitted 3 other bills for the allocation of the gathered VATs. SBN-221: Amending Sec. 12 of R.A. No. 8436 Authorizing Comelec to Use An Automated Election System.

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SBN-194: The Homeland Security Act. Seems like another coating of bureaucracy. Will there be a dependence on our very own version of US’ DHS? SBN-190: Public-Private Partnership for individuals (P4) Act of the Philippines. Institutionalizes PPP and gives them incentives like those under the Omnibus Investment Code further, exemption from paying transfer taxes, and gather money to recover investments.

In the not distant future, someone in r/ph will post a question such as: ‘Why is every basic necessity and service that need to be under the Federal government are possessed and run by corporations? Someone and ‘ will reply with a late-stage capitalism meme. SBN-189: Imposing Death Penalty on Certain Heinous Crimes.

Covers certain sections of the Dangerous Drugs Act: importation, sale, maintenance of a drug den, manufacturing, possession, and cultivating. Should be because he was occupied but he submitted other death charges’ bills in the next circular which is not included in this post. Includes rape with homicide and kidnapping as crimes punishable by loss of life. There’s now a section for the method but doesn’t specify which. The complete bill is extensive but let’s be honest, there’s no feasible mass producible alternative to single-use plastic yet and we live in a country where a large portion of the population relies on things. SBN-31: Coconut Farmers and Industry Development Act. Refiles again his version of these expenses yet.