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The UK has a wealthy ecosystem of early-stage businesses with untapped potential. But without funding and specialist support, many could easily get off the bottom never. Enter VCTs. Government supported investments that channel capital into some of the most promising businesses to help drive their development. Some household brands began with VCT financing. Of course, not every smaller company shall be successful tale.

That’s why VCTs are known for their tax reliefs. They exist to incentivise investment and also to compensate investors for the potential risks involved in backing early-stage businesses. The worthiness of the investment in a VCT, and any income from it, can fall as well as rise. You may not get the full amount you invest back. The tax treatment depends upon individual circumstances and may change in the foreseeable future. Tax reliefs rely on the VCT maintaining its VCT-qualifying status. VCT stocks could fall or rise in value more than other stocks listed on the primary market of the London STOCK MARKET. They may also be harder to market. Want to find out more about VCTs?

Head to your VCTs explained web page to find out more on why you might like to invest in a VCT and what you may expect from an Octopus VCT investment. A stock portfolio of around 50 founded smaller companies which focus on commercialized businesses seeking to level. The UK’s largest VCT invests in a collection of around 67 early-stage companies with the prospect of high growth. Two VCTs offering established portfolios of 75 AIM-listed companies with growth potential around. Got a question about VCTs?

HUNT: The next thing is, we are involved with our clients overseas. The AMP demerger can be an example. When Lion Nathan wanted to sell their brewing possessions in China, they didn’t call upon Citigroup or UBS or Deutsche, they used Caliburn. MAIDEN: But, presumably, your overseas resources would not rival that of the global banks?

GROUNDS: Yes, you’ve got to be joking about that. John would accept that Even, I think; wouldn’t you, John? HUNT: The 3rd thing is that we’re connected into Greenhill, which is the primary indie advisory firm in THE UNITED STATES and Europe probably. We work with them in the way that Alistair or Matthew work globally with their people. LUCAS: Alliances, Peter, aren’t the same. I’ve done so many alliances and I’ve never found them the same as being in the main one company. HUNT: Alistair, I’ve also experienced both – which one works because it is based on mutual respect for every other’s business models, ethics, and features – not simply ownership.

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WYLIE: The truth is, the model your client increasingly prefers is a big bank or investment company with a boutique bank or investment company side by side: clients feel that both types of organizations to bring something to the party. LUCAS: By description, all the integrated investment banking institutions which have an investment bank function to carry out other activities and it’s really absolutely true that the investment bank talk about of the revenue tends to have fallen.

GROUNDS: I was raised working in the David Block Schroders (boutique) model, and I am aware of it and think it offers an accepted place. My roots are there, so in retrospect, when I talk about UBS, I talk about it as a boutique with a distribution powerhouse out the relative back. Without that distribution back-up, it’s a bit like the alliance, you don’t have the same amount of control.