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30) within my (almost) day to day routine for over a decade now. I consider salicylic acid (BHA) one of three staple ingredients that keep my skin in good shape, along with niacinamide and (more recently added) azelaic acid (evaluated here). 20 Canadian while I started to use it!) and my income not keeping pace, I decided to gamble on several more affordable, but popular equally, BHA products. I’ll review them here, combined with the PC BHA, which (spoiler!) I went back to ultimately. Hope you like acronyms, everybody! 15). Because I’d previously attempted Paula’s Choice’s BHA gel and found it less effective than the water, I decided to try the highly-recommended water from CosRx.

The consistency is in fact significantly thicker than the watery PC BHA, rendering it simpler to apply without using a natural cotton pad. It’s decidedly a liquid and not a gel, however. It spreads on my epidermis and soaks in well easily, without leaving much of a film or a sticky residue.

That’s nice, in the morning after washing my face because I apply my BHA first thing, and so I want it to play well with makeup and other products. There’s not just a lot to say about the CosRx BHA experience, except that it didn’t play well with my Paula’s Choice Niacinamide Booster.

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  • Do not require cotton pad
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  • 21 CFR 701.3(i)

When I used them both at the same time, my face flushed. It didn’t last more than half an hour, and my pores and skin wasn’t irritated–my face just got pink and warm. There’s nothing dangerous, or harmful about this type of thing, as much as I know, but it’s just a little unpleasant.

I haven’t had that experience mixing up either of those products with anything else, and it was solved by simply using one in the morning and the other at night. Otherwise, the CosRx didn’t cause any problems for me, but sadly it didn’t do much for my skin, either. The role of BHA in my own regular is to reduce clogged blackheads and skin pores, and to keep the pimples that derive from them away.

It doesn’t really prevent hormonal/cystic acne for me, but it certainly reduces inflammatory acne when its working. The CosRx might have helped slightly, but I wasn’t as satisfied with the state of my skin when using it as I was after I used the PC version. The primary ingredient in the CosRx BHA is probably what makes the difference for me.

I know that salicylic acid works for me, but the CosRx consists of a different form of BHA: betaine salicylate. This component is sometimes said to be gentler than salicylic acid solution and is supposedly longer-acting. I don’t experience irritation from BHAs generally, therefore I can’t really comment on those characteristics. My second affordable BHA product was a bit of the desperation purchase.

I traveled a bunch, going to family and in-laws and friends, in September, but I somehow didn’t pack enough of my PC BHA to last for the whole trip. 4-7), which had been recommended if you ask me on multiple good-government bodies. The box retains a lot of pads and a lot of liquid, so they’re improbable to dry before you finish them. In fact, one pad was more than for my face enough, therefore I started to cut them in half.

The pads are soaked in a 2% salicylic acid solution liquid, nearer in composition to my PC liquid than to the CosRx product. They contain a number of menthol also, which means you get that medicinal smell and a light cooling sensation–too gentle to call it a “tingle.” Still, I could do without it, considering it doesn’t add anything. These pads offered well enough in a pinch to begin clearing up my skin a little.