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You would have seen the amazing things we got in our goodie bag. Well since there is certainly a lot to complete, I considered doing first impressions first of all and then if I still like and use the merchandise, I’ll do a favorite post maybe at the end of the month! Hopefully I’ll have obtained through the good hand bags at that time! So today is Sunday and I’m being extremely lazy and I simply popped in the shower one minute ago and made a decision to take some products with me!

I had been up since 8 Saturday doing my locks, tan, and makeup so you know yourself you just need to shower after events and all that! I used a few products so here we go! Is my face before Here, eyeliner on my eye and all still! And here will be the products I simply tried out! I brought the Thalgo shower gel along with me and the Moogoo cleansing bar. I immediately loved the smell of the soap while I smelt it last night so I just needed to use it today. It’s an oatmeal smell and its own right up my road.

I absolutely adore this scent and soap. I wouldn’t be a specialist on soap now therefore I didn’t know if this was just hands soap or what but I threw it on all over the place, didn’t even read the box either. Moogoo is an Australian brand and believes in using all natural ingredients actually! It’s even suitable for infants, so anyone can use these things.

  • Avoid coming in contact with the rash over and over since it may cause skin irritation
  • No more unpleasant injections or laser treatments
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Each cleansing club is enriched with cocoa butter and essential olive oil to give you amazingly soft skin! I can trust that fully like my epidermis seems so gentle and I smell great. THEREFORE I truthfully do love these things. After all, what can I say about a shower gel really? When I noticed it last night, I used to be like ah grand a shower gel like whatever but I wish to give each brand a go and so I did today. I used the Thalgo marine shower gel and oh my god, if you ask me, it has the aroma of the beach.

Like it can have that sea sodium smell, or just peachy smell but not only does it have the scent, you are made because of it feel fresh. The smell goes away, I believe? Well, I can’t smell it on myself anymore anyway however the fresh feeling remains. The Thalgo is thought by me shower gel combined with the Moogoo cleaning club is a great combo.

You smell fab from the bar and feel fresh following the gel! Win/win situation here. On the Sunday Especially great, if you catch my drift.So after my shower I used a few facial products. I used the Bioderma micellar water First of all. I mean I’m like everyone and I have the Garnier micellar water. I’ve only ever tried both of these and for me anyway they’re both the same. They both remove my makeup and cleanse my face so I do like the Bioderma impeller drinking water.