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On a far more positive note, last night was SUCH a great trip to work. I did a presentation before my entire office (80 people)! I have never offered anything before in my own life so I was a little nervous but it went effectively and I acquired lots of compliments afterwards.

One of my co-workers explained that she experienced trouble listening to what I was saying because I appeared so HOT! She said that other people in the working office were commenting about how good I looked to her too. Such a good feeling. I really do see most of these folks every day but some experienced come in from out east and I hadn’t seen them in some time so I got lots of good reactions from them on my weight reduction.

Our President did his demonstration and it was so motivating. He has such a genuine enjoyment for our company and our industry and it is infectious. I work for a company that offers cruises for all your big cruise companies, and business hasn’t been better even despite the recession.

We are actually blessed. After the presentation most of us opened up secret santa presents and then went off to a close by restaurant for our annual Christmas Party. It was fun really! So nice to be part of such a great work team. We really are like a grouped family and I am so pleased for that.

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Today is moving day in the office, I am packing up my small cubical and moving to a much bigger and more efficient work space they have been kind enough to make for me personally and my co-worker. Mon morning My space will be dual come, thank goodness! So even though I am a bit frustrated with the weight loss numbers, This week so that definitely helps I am still having lots of non-scale victories. My fasting has been on target and so I am just going to continue, keeping on and hope that the scale shows me a true number that I am more happy with soon!

What you say is your biggest improvement since starting CF? Mark – My stamina. I used to get so tired during workout routines and take super long breaks. Jamie – Since university, I’ve been a fitness junkie mainly focused on cardio and light lifting. Since starting CF, my biggest improvement has been my weight training and the confidence that I could learn and improve new skills every day.