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Experts and Authority in the Home Warranty Industry

If you were going car shopping, would you prefer to be told what kind of car to own? What about how many seats it should have? Or the color? Or the size of the engine?
That’s exactly what’s going on in the home warranty industry. Every day, thousands of home owners just like yourself are being robbed of their choice and control over their home warranties. Home warranty providers are telling home owners what they should and should not have covered in their policies.
For example, some home warranty providers won’t cover air conditioners. Other home warranty providers will charge you for ceiling fan coverage… whether you have ceiling fans or not!
Home warranty providers have taken the choice and control from their customers and are telling their customers what is best for them.
Met Home Warranty believes that it should be left up to the experts to decide what needs to be covered in your home. And who is the expert on your home? You, of course! Does your current home warranty provider think of you as the expert on your home? Probably not!
Met Home Warranty has developed and implemented an industry-leading idea called Design-A-Plan, which allows home-warranty customers to create their own home warranties according to their own needs! Home owners can choose a base package, select which additional systems they want, and even decide how they want to receive a copy of their policy! This idea takes the control out of the hands of the home warranty providers and puts it into the hands of the homeowner!
But don’t worry. Just because you have the choice and the control again, it doesn’t mean that you’ll be left out in the cold. With Met Home Warranty’s Design-A-Plan, you are the expert… but you’re also a well-informed expert! Met Home Warranty is the authority on the home warranty industry. With cutting-edge technology, a downloadable white paper on the industry, and their “do-it-yourself” approach to home-warranty coverage policies, you’ll have all the facts you need to design your own policy with ease!
Met Home Warranty’s authoritative site (www.methomewarranty.com) will help you understand your home, your home warranty, and will simply make you a better home owner! And if you’re a home buyer or home seller, you’ll love Met Home Warranty’s authoritative site to help you buy or sell your home with ease!
Met Home Warranty is the authority on home warranties so you can be the expert on your home!