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Having the right software for your home office is critical to the overall success of your business. Learn how to choose prudently. There is nothing worse than that sinking feeling in your tummy as you understand that everything you have been focusing on for the last month is gone! They have occurred to numerous home business owners – even you maybe.

You boot up your computer one day and you realize that your personal computer has been a strike by a computer virus and all your data has been destroyed! Because a lot of your home business operations are likely to be stored and conducted on your computer, setting yourself up with the correct office software applications, including virus protection is essential. Obviously before you begin choosing software for your office at home computer you will need to asses precisely what you need. You shall need to select software personalized to what you do.

For example, if you are entering data reports, you’ll need to install spreadsheet software. Likewise, if you are writing for a full-time income, you will need a solid word-processing software program. Photographers will require picture-editing software, while a book-keeper won’t. Beside the specialized programs you will see a few other software programs that every home business must have. You will need ways to keep an eye on your expenses, invoices, and all the money in your business. There are a variety of really good finance software packages on the market that may help you do that.

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Quickbooks and Quicken provide a few options depending on the size of your business and if you have employees and inventory track as well. You will need tax planning software also; every year however this needs to be purchased. Although if you have a separate accountant or book-keeper, you will not need this. You will also want a word-processing program that will handle basic letters, label printing, estimates, and other daily business needs.

There are lots of options here. You could attempt the Microsoft Works deal which includes an integrated word-processor. If that doesn’t quite meet your needs then Microsoft Word offers all the features that you could ever need. If your allowance is really restricted then make sure and check out the Open Office program – it’s no cost and provides you a whole home office suite of programs. Of course if you are using the Internet, you’ll need a Web browser such as WEB BROWSER or Netscape to be able to gain access to the internet.

Firefox can be an especially good browser and doesn’t have problems with nearly as many “issues” as Internet Explorer. A few of these programs also include an email program to maintain your email submitted properly and invite you to create new messages as you will need to. Obviously, the most important software that you will get for your computer is virus-protection software that will keep your computer safe. A firewall is also a good idea to protect your investment. Make sure to set up a backup system for your computer as well.

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