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Looking to kick start your brand-new airbrush makeup routine? We’ve worked hard to make it worry-free and simple to start with TEMPTU. Here’s a look at why our Starter Airbrush Makeup Kits is the perfect way to try airbrush makeup. The majority of our Starter Airbrush Makeup Kits include our secret tool, the TEMPTU Air. This light-weight, rechargeable makeup application tool is award-winning and easy to use.

This portable device works together with our Airpod colors to help you create a flawless, natural complexion that is buildable and leaves nothing on your face but air and makeup. Our artists been employed by hard to create starter kits that have everything that you’ll require. Colors and products are combined into kits to help you figure out how to create natural looks that go from dewy and natural to dramatic and daring. TEMPTU realizes that not everyone comes to airbrush makeup for the same reasons.

While some are looking for full-face makeup, others simply desire to be in a position to touch up their hair color with ease. That’s why we’ve built these kits around the most common needs of our customers. Since we’ve used the guesswork out of choosing colors, these beginner airbrush makeup products are perfect for gift-giving. Use the Shade Finder tool to get the right shades and then prepare to give the perfect gift. The entire TEMPTU series comes supported by our 45-day money-back guarantee. We want one to feel beautiful, so take up to six weeks from the original shipping date to choose if you value our products. If you’re not in love, we’ll issue you a complete refund.

It was created to cater to all types of skin. This technology gets the capacity to treat gray and light hair even; however, a supplementary session will be needed. A single session spans over 15 to 60 minutes. It depends upon the size of the certain area on which the treatment is being carried out.

As a lot of women attended to find, their line of work can have a lot of say over their everyday makeup look. While a lady can get away with not wearing makeup if she works from home, the same can’t be said in regards to a businesswoman who is constantly in meetings.

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In the end, your makeup look will depend on your way of life. The purpose of this quiz is to reunite you with a makeup look that you’ll be in a position to use on a daily basis. Whether you work in an office and want to go out with friends after work, or work in a restaurant and want to workout after your shift – our suggested makeup look will work for you. So, are you ready to find out what type of look best matches your personality? Question 1 How often do you wear makeup? You want to reunite you with the best makeup solution for your lifestyle.

But to carry out that, we will need to ask you some personal questions. So, how many times a week would you say you wear makeup? What’s your go-to look? Most of us have a go-to look that we’re gradually growing tired of, and there’s nothing wrong with this.

to spruce things up a bit, we need to know what your present look is so that we don’t recommend the same thing. Do you venture out after work often? Are you the kind of one who slaves away at the job all day and then get back and collapse on the couch? If so, you probably don’t need a nighttime/daytime look.