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Linux Mint – Recreates a traditional desktop environment with a concentrate on ease of use. Tails is a lightweight live operating-system built for the only real purpose of safeguarding user privacy. The OS runs from a DVD, SD card, or USB stick and uses powerful encryption to scramble every little bit of data that leaves these devices.

It also leverages the Tor network and the Tor Browser and runs on the secure instant messaging service, making it extremely difficult for the NSA to track your activity. Tails OS wasn’t designed for everyday computer tasks, although it’s surprisingly capable given its size. When you have sensitive work to handle or want to ensure an increased level of personal privacy for certain searches or downloads, keeping a copy of Tails Handy is a superb idea. 1. Use your web browser to download Tails OS.

2. Run the Tails installer and follow the on display instructions. 3. Restart your computer and boot straight into Tails OS. 4. Enter your connection or Wi-Fi details to gain access to the internet. 5. Open Tor (incorporated with the Tails download) and browse the web at the leisure. What’s the NSA PRISM Program?

PRISM is a code name for a program managed by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA) that gathers digital marketing communications from at least nine major internet companies such as Microsoft, Yahoo! Google, Facebook, YouTube, AOL, Skype, and Apple. This data includes everything from e-mails to text message documents, photos, location information, IP addresses, browsing history, and video call content, all of which was presented with to the NSA without user authorization legally. The PRISM program is the true number one source of raw intelligence used for NSA reports, which really is a clear indicator of just how widespread digital surveillance is becoming. Nearly everyone who’s used the internet has visited sites operated by the companies above, which means the NSA has the usage of their personal stats theoretically. Privacy hasn’t been more important than it is today.

In the meantime, download the FBReader software – both Windows and Linux variations are available so make sure you download the right one for your netbook. If you’re wondering why there are so many types for ebooks (wikipeedia lists 26 types, with it likely to increase as time passes), then you aren’t by itself.

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Caliber is open-source e-book collection management application. Additionally it is an excellent ebook format converter having the ability to convert over thirteen document forms into EPUB, PRC, and MOBI platforms – the 3 platforms taken care of by the FBReader software. If you find yourself in a situation (like me!) of having books that cannot be read by FBReader, use the Caliber converter to convert that book just. The added benefit of using Caliber is that it also has an book reader built-in – so, at a pinch, you can also use Caliber to learn ebooks.

However, the reader cannot rotate text by 90 degrees unlike FBReader. You can find other top features of Caliber that you can use if you like, but my main use is the converter. Once the two software has been downloaded to your netbook, you need to install them – the procedure for both being very straightforward.

Next, and before starting the programs, decide where you can store your book document. Books’ folder for Windows and ‘Documents/eBooks’ folders for Linux. You can further create sub-folders for each writer (like me) or leave all the book documents under this folder. Next move the book documents that you have downloaded in zipped or unzipped format (FBReader are designed for both) into the folders that you have created.

The ‘Page Down’ and ‘Page Up (along with the Up Arrow and Down Arrow tips) gives you to get around through the pages of the ‘book’. To go back to ‘windowed mode’, press the Enter key again; to turn the text to its original setting, just press the ‘R’ key again.