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The time has come to rank the best cultural campaigns of 2017 so far. Up every day With so many new technology popping, we’ve put together a list of campaigns that have made an impact both online, and offline, as well as ones that cover a complete range of sectors.

So, if you’re looking for a little inspiration for your next successful social campaign, look no further. We’ve put together the best campaigns of 2017 for your pleasure. Taco Bell lets Snapchat users live out their Cinco de Mayo fantasies this year by making a weird and wonderful filter that allowed visitors to actually turn into a taco. They were also the first brand to get their hands dirty with the new on-demand geofilters to plan and pull off six events throughout the big cheesy launch. This time, the taco was brought by them alive. After all, who doesn’t want to become a taco, if only for a day?

The campaign proceeded to go live for one day only on Cinco de Mayo and it quickly became the most viewed Snapchat zoom lens ever. Actually, it generated a whopping 12.5 years well worth of play in simply a single day. Taco Bell effectively shattered a Snapchat record. How’s that for a large result? Ryan Rimsnider, the senior manager of cultural technique for the brand, said the foodilicious zoom lens required six weeks to make, along with his team working alongside Snapchat to perfect the to-head look directly.

Though there was some paid advertising set up outside of Snapchat, most of the magic happened in the app. 750,000 for the pleasure – at a price of just 0.3 cents per view. Not bad at all. The Chicago Cubs hadn’t made it to the World Series for 71 years.

And, as a sponsor of Major League Baseball, MasterCard saw the opportunity to become a part of history and ran with it using their Sound of Priceless campaign. The aim was to connect with Cubs followers by rooting for the underdog and to get involved in the discussion that was taking place around one of the primary World Series ever. MasterCard discovered a cut of hearsay that they structured their campaign on: the theory of the Wrigley Field enthusiasts lacked some passion – or, more specifically, that they weren’t noisy enough to be proper followers simply. The Sound of Priceless hit that theory from the water.

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MasterCard built a sound meter application especially for the World Series to measure precisely how noisy Wrigley Field supporters were and used the results to create a unique little bit of content. For the ultimate end, they released the film online and on sociable media just as the Cubs gained the ultimate game of the series. With a small budget Even, the campaign generated 897,000 engagements, including 527,000 video views. It had been MasterCard’s most retweeted and distributed video and the organic reach was 18% – 2x the common rate for other MasterCard content.

WomensMarch. This huge socially-fuelled event overran the world previously this year, out today and its echoes are still playing. It all began on election night when Teresa Shook set up a Facebook event page for a hypothetical march to protest the results. By the next morning, 10,000 people experienced responded.

Well-known activists jumped on the bandwagon and planning for a real march began two times later. WomensMarch site brought jointly all the sociable conversations in one place with the addition of TINT to their website. The movement earned the Webby Award to discover the best Social Movement – and for good reason. WomensMarch, the organizers have used their platform as a launchpad to arrange the biggest one-day demonstration in the history of the US, with sister marches spanning a huge selection of countries getting and worldwide more than five million marchers. Despite the campaign being more of a “real-life event”, social media is constantly on the play an enormous part.

TheRaceIsON, which celebrates female empowerment. The Super Bowl is an excellent time for brands to blast out world-famous interpersonal campaigns and, this year, Wix jumped on board. So how do they take action? Using Facebook Live to broadcast in-the-moment, the united team at Wix displayed a live-stream of a soccer helmet submerged in glaciers. The lucky winner was announced when the ice block melted and the helmet fell out.

People moved into by changing their profile picture to Chez Felix, the star of Fix’s Super Bowl commercials. The Facebook Live videos were aimed towards Fix’s Super Dish Commercial that starred Gal Jason and Gadot Statham. It racked up an extraordinary 5.5 million views on YouTube to date. PF Changs, a US-based Chinese dining string, celebrated Chinese New Year in style this year by giving away more than one million red envelopes filled up with luxury prizes. The essential idea was to celebrate the centuries-old Chinese custom of handing out money-filled red envelopes.